Frequently Asked Questions 

Need help with deciding on a wedding cake? Some of our  questions and 
answers below may help you get started in the right direction.

For any other questions: Shelly's All In Good Taste Bakery has a 
Wedding Cake Specialist on site to answer any questions. 

Call us to make an appointment to attend a tasting of 
fillings, cakes and icings. 
How far in advance do I need to place my wedding cake order? We need at least two weeks.

Is a deposit needed when placing a wedding cake order? Yes, a 50% deposit is necessary before the wedding cake can be processed. Credit Cards and checks are accepted.

Can you do any type of cake decoration? We have many cake designs to choose from. We can do any type of cake decoration if you have a picture that we can work from.

When does the cake have to be paid for in full? The cake has to be paid for at least a week prior to the date of the wedding.

What are the choices of cakes? We offer Shelly's Signature Cakes in the following flavors: White, Wedding White, Butter Yellow, Strawberry, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Mocha, German Chocolate, Carrot, Italian Cream, Black Forrest, Mandarin Orange, and Cream 
of Coconut

What kind of icings do you have? We also offer rich and luscious icings in the following flavors: 
Butter Cream, Chocolate Butter Cream, Cream Cheese, Chocolate Fudge.

What fillings are available? You also have a choice of delicious fillings such as: 
Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Custard,  Fabulous Strawberry* and  Fabulous Pineapple* (*Ingredients: White Chocolate, Whipped Cream, and Strawberry or Pineapple) 

Can you do any color for decoration and icings? If you provide 
a swatch we can match your color as close as possible.

What are the most tiers you can do for a wedding cake? The most would be four tiers. The more tiers you add the more risk of it collapsing.

How many sets of separators can you have? Three is the most 
in a four-tier cake.

If the particular picture shows columns, can you do it without columns? Yes, you can have them stacked or with less separation.

Are the stilts included in the price? The standard stilts are included. However there are specialty ones that are not and include cupid, champagne glasses, swans, or fountains.

Are the Lucite stands extra? Yes, they require a $250.00 deposit and when they are returned, we will refund you $200.00 and a receipt.

What are Lucite stands? It is a special layout of a wedding cake where each layer is placed on top of a different height stand. This arrangement is called an “I Do” wedding cake.

Can you do a bridge and fountain cake? Yes, the least amount we can do it for is 175 people.

What is included with the standard wedding cake? A regular filling, separators and butter cream roses.

What are the shapes of the cakes besides round and square? We also offer oval, heart, and octagon.

What is the range of price the cakes run? From $2.00 and higher per person not including any extra trim.

How far can a cake be delivered? We will deliver anywhere within reason. Please consult the wedding cake specialist because there may be delivery charges.

How are the cakes transported? They are transported mostly by refrigerated van depending on the location of delivery. If necessary, the cakes are assembled at the venue.

How far ahead do you make the cake? All cakes are made the day before the wedding date. This is so the cake can settle properly for transportation and design purposes.

Besides the bride and groom ornament, what are the other decorations that can be used on the cake? We can add bridesmaids and groomsmen to the cake of any color. We can do a cluster of fresh flowers or fruit placed anywhere on the cake or use your imagination.

Do you offer fresh flowers? We offer fresh flowers, (we will work with any florist) or we give the option to bring in your own.

Can I mix and match pictures to create my own cake? Yes, we realize that your wedding day is very special and the staff at Shelly's All In Good Taste Bakery will do everything possible to make it perfect for your wedding day.

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